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Valerie   Toegevoegd op: 17 oktober 2014
What a crafty hubasnd you have! We watched the Netflix documentary about the Lost Boys of Ruwanda, after Joyful Learner reminded us about it - and we were disturbed by the "boys" reaction to our cultures take on Christmas. To them the trees, shopping, and Santa Claus didn't make sense - Christmas for them was about preparing ones heart to celebrate the coming of Christ. We've been speding some time researching the origins of many of our customs. We started Thanksgiving evening with Phil Vischer's "Why Do We Call it Christmas", and have moved out to books from there. Naturally we have our nativity and Bibles out too - that part of Christmas is never far from our hearts. This is turning into a post instead of a comment though - but I have to ask - if you're not religious - I take it that means you don't believe in Jesus - then why focus on His story at Easter and Christmas? Or, if you believe His story to be true, and the "reason for the season" - then why not embrace the rest of the Bible as well? (this question is pure curiousity, and not intended to be cheeky in any way :)
Moussa   Toegevoegd op: 17 oktober 2014
LOL! My dogs see the camera and they JUMPWhat seittng did you take the photo on? If you can stand slightly above it {on a chair} and play with your ISO you should be able to clear up the colors and get the glare off the glass.
Michaela   Toegevoegd op: 17 oktober 2014
We've got the inappropriate vet's seugrry one. I actually laughed at some of their ideas of what was inappropriate. And then made note of more sets to buy.Not too surprisingly most of our Playmobil are knights and pirates. Princess gravitates toward any set that has animals in it.
Kusnophie   Toegevoegd op: 17 oktober 2014
OMG, I almost died lnaghiug with the caption about why Andy puts the pencil behind his ear. Just precious.And I love seeing your kokeshi dolls in the background of the last photo! Mine live on a shelf in Mia's room now (a very high shelf away from sticky fingers Summer smoothies are the best!
Bianca   Toegevoegd op: 16 oktober 2014
I have a love/hate relationship with Playmobil. They were susegetgd to us about a year ago to help Tornado Boy better develop his fine motor skills. We have the farm and a couple of pirate sets. I really hate all of the little pieces. Tornado Boy never plays with them for all that long and they are a pain to store and set-up. I have a friend that uses a train table and just keeps them out all the time, but we really don't have a place to do that. I'd love to hear how people store them.
Abhijeet   Toegevoegd op: 16 oktober 2014
That is an amazing cooilctlen! I especially love the mushroom fairy. My guy is an edible mushroom forager so he'd really like it too. Seeing them all lined up reminds me of the smurf cooilctlen I had as a kid and how I'd arrange them all together.
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